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Anonymous said:
Hello! :) I was wondering from which video is your wonderful gif for "Butterfly" from? (Favorite MVs from YG Entertainment) I couldn't find it!!

From G-Dragon’s Butterfly MV.



»»»>♥ Hey everyone :D
Please visit :D
It’s a new fansite for Infinite. :)
Everyone is welcome but our main purpose is to manage group projects for German fans.

Please spread the word and RT so that many Inspirits will get to know about this! Thank you  ~ ♥

Just wondering if anyone knows of where I could purchase the One Great Step Returns poster set? I recently got a message from Kpoptown saying they’re out of stock (after I ordered), and I just want to give it one more try before I give up, haha. Thanks~


140228 One Great Step Returns - AETERNUM’s Rice Wreaths
Photo by Dreame

As mentioned before, the banners on the left of each wreath say “AETERNUM that supports/cheers on INFINITE.” The messages on the right side are as follows:
1. World Tour RETURNS Fighting! Let’s go together with INFINITE until the end!
2. Through the years, we’ll support INFINITE.
3. We will love INFINITE forever.

This photo was taken from the supplier’s twitter, and if we are sent more (higher quality) photos, we will post them as well. Once again, thank you to everyone that participated in our project!

Wishing you the best ~♥

Thanks so much. <3

take care christine! we’ll miss you so come back soon <3

Thank you, Lotten. ^^

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